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fleur-de-frost asked:

(2) And that’s where you + past life regressions come in. If you’re willing and able, words could never express my gratitude. If you’re not, I completely understand! Just means the universe wanted me to wait a bit longer. :) I am so appreciative to have found you and think your mission is beautiful. Thank you for your time, and thank you for spreading a little extra love in this world. ♡

Hey there :) I am available to do the past life regression and reading/healing with you this weekend (fri, sat, sun). Let me know if you’re free and we can schedule something.
Namaste :)

biankaa0801 asked:

Hello I have been following Ashley's blog for some time now and saw your posts. I was wondering if you could give me information on how to schedule a reading? Do I submit a question to you or how does this work? Thank you for taking the time to read my post :)

Hey there :) I am free on the weekends, and phone call would be best. Just let me know when you have time and we will schedule it :)

reasonsformysmile asked:

Hello Trent, I am looking for a past life reading. I was looking for someone who maybe just started and needed practice but most of the people I found offering them relied heavily on tarot cards which isn't quite what I'm looking for. I feel bad for not having much money to donate for a reading but I will be more than happy to write a testimonial afterwards.

Hello there :) I would love to do a past life reading with you. I’m free this weekend for a phone call, I feel that would be the best way to guide the reading to where you’d like it to go. I already know we will be healing a past life. You may feel very filled by the end.
Look forward to hearing from you. Just let me know if you’re free this weekend.
Namaste :)

amanda-doll asked:

Hi! So I suppose I'm searching for some guidance if you're still doing readings. My main problem is spiritually I'm very unsteady. I go through periods of high positivity and then suddenly it drops and my ego attacks and I get so so down. My main question would be how do I survive these rough negative periods? I'm not sure how to embrace my shadow side... Thank you for any advice you could give and of course when you have the time. :) hope your day is wonderful.

All your guides said to me was a question “have you sat down in daily meditation?” If not, that is your boat in the sea, that is your sanctuary in the waves. This is not active meditation where you visualize; this is best explained by lazy yogi, so just go to his blog and to the how to section of meditation.

They add “even if you reached feeling on top of the world, that is just another wave. Why are you focused on the waves?”

Just focus on the source of the waves: the ocean; being You. But to know yourself it requires meditation, so I definitely recommend practicing daily.
Also some advice from my own experience: How do you know what is spiritual and what is not, what is unsteady, what is missing? Is the moment not living up to your expectations? What if you’re missing out on the real thing (the present moment) cause you’ve got a filter for what you’re looking for. How about looking at what’s here?
Because the real spiritual world is right here, right now. Whatever comes is what you need for your spiritual evolution.
Bored? Sit with it.
Angry? Sit with it.
Sad? Sit with it.
Joyful, restless, or having an “unsteady” moment? Sit with it.
Only when you practice watching do you realize everything passes. So clearly the Truth has nothing to do with the perishable and impermanent, not the spiritual highs or lows, the boredom or elatedness, nor the gaining or losing of anything. This world can not give you anything nor can it take from you. Find out the Truth of your being and rest in the moment of you’re existence.
Seek the eternal, the living. Which is now, which is You. What you are seeking is the seeker itself.

psychedelicbahamamama asked:

Do you know of anything that could help me? I feel like I don't belong here, my body seems cold and heavy. I'm ignored by most everyone. I feel as though the universe really is against me. I'm not even sure what I'm asking of you, just some friendly advice or maybe a reading of why or who I am. I'm just really confused. Much love, have a great night

Hey there, just got to your message, and I first want to say I am sorry you’re going through so much pain right now, I am here for you. I would like to call you for our reading, unfortunately I have school until the weekend (Friday), so I will have to ask you this: Would you like a reading this weekend over the phone that will include healing and love and re-aligning? Please get back to me as soon as possible, you’ve got a light strong enough to seek help to find your own light and I would love to help. You’re brave enough to know what you’re feeling. Don’t shut down, don’t give up, just breathe for now, and be a friend to yourself. We will talk more about self-love and how to reach that feeling inside of love, so you can fill yourself.

You’re all wonderful!

Thank you all for taking the time to send in a message! I just wanted to let you all know I will get to your question in time, and I am eager to help you. However, since you all are being so sincere and honest in your questions, I am taking my time answering each one with genuine presence and love so that each answer is felt in the heart.
For those of you that I’ll be talking to on the phone or through skype, I’m very excited to meet you, and to share a wonderful moment with you. :)

Hope all is well! And I look forward to talking to you all.


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