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Hello everyone! I’m back! Time for free readings again. :)

Since I last worked this blog, I have achieved so much. I was in school and am now graduated as a massage therapist, and couldn’t be happier. I have grown in myself so much lately, and as the universe and I have agreed upon, when I am in a good state, with gratitude I shall do my best to give what is flowing through to others.

Conclusion being, I’m feeling ready to offer free readings or healings for a bit.

Just remember, donations are appreciated, and your feedback about the reading or healing is all I ask for in return.

Ask away!

WOW! The reading I received from the healing hermit was full of so much positive energy and non-judgment. It was thorough and provided great insight. It honestly went above and beyond my expectations. The response I got back had great detail and was evident time was provided in the reading. Only positive things to say — what a lovely person and lovely thing someone can do for others. — msashleymarieherring

Welcome To The Healing Hermit!

Hello Everyone!

I just started this blog on June 23rd, 2013. I can’t wait to start giving you all advice, healing’s, and wonderful positive energy throughout this year. Let’s work on transforming our lives for the better!

What beliefs are keeping you held back?

What negative energies are you holding onto?

Where aren’t you willing to change for the better?

All these questions, once answered, can be worked on, healed, and transformed into stepping stones towards a more Abundant, Joyful, and Vibrant Life Experience. 

If you ever feel troubled, down, or out-of-touch, give me a message, and I will give you an energetic hug! We are in this together my brother’s and sister’s; which is why I have created this blog. To help serve those in their search for Truth, for Light, for Love, and for some, Hope. 

I shall always do my best to give you that which serves you for your greatest and highest good. 

As I just started, you will see in the upcoming weeks, pages that will teach and describe the following: Reiki, The Chakra’s, How To’s on using and listening to your Intuition, Guides, and Angels, and Light Beings alike, and of course a how to on meditation, and divination. 

I appreciate each and every one of you, and Blessing’s of Pure Love, and Light to all of you!

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